DIY flowerpot makeover - interior on a budget

How often do you buy new flowerpots?
If the answer is often you might want to try a simple diy to make them feel brand new
without spending a fortune. It's as simple as using some painters tape and spray paint.

I chose to keep the top of the flowerpot white and spraypainted the bottom pink.

Tada the finished result in minutes!

  It's as easy as that to remake your flowerpots!


Hacked Ikea dresser and DIY marquee lights budget solutions for kids rooms

Do you remember about a year ago when I posted a how to on my hacked Ikea dresser?
Well here it is again! I've also added a DIY marquee light made from a piece of mdf and
fairy lights that were left over from last Christmas. It's amazing what you can
do with stuff you find around the house when you get creative!

I love this look with the pink dresser, Fur Neil Omm design poster,
the lovely little sonny angels and of course the stunning 
Ferm Living harlequin mint wallpaper.


Christmas shopping - sleepy bunny dolls

 Oh yes, Ive already begun my Christmas shopping. With 4 kids you kinda have to!
I dont want to be stuck running around like a crazy lady in the shops the day before Christmas.

I got these adorable sleepy bunny dolls for my twins, I bet they are 
going to be excited as I am, oh wait, no thats impossible ;)


The yellow chair - I can't seem to get enough!

 There's something about me and yellow chairs.. ;)
I wish all chairs could be yellow. Here are some from my collection.


Free printable - black and white arrow print

Have you checked out this lovely new collection by the always trendy 
Ferm Living? Inspired by their lovely new pillows and wallpaper I designed
2 new free printables. Please enjoy!


Feel free to leave a link or tag me on instagram @the80sme #the80sme

Click the images to download


Kram Linda - the80sme


New York street themed playroom. DIY food cart for the kids

I wanted to make the playroom special and fun for the kids and decided to buld
a streetfood cart. It was my first DIY building project and I'm so happy
I pulled it off! I cant wait to add more fun details to the room.

Getting ready to paint a silhouette of the city.

 Lovely cottoncandy pink hanger by supertalanted My Redhand Gang.
The storage boxes are Ikea.


Lundby dolls house makeover - A home for Sonny Angels

It's time for another Lundby makeover!
I've got three new friends in need of a lovely new home, and who am I to refuse
them their biggest wish. These little angels are called Sonny Angels and are collectibles
available in a few different themes. These are from the fruit and animal collection.

This dolls house already got some new miniature Ferm Living harlequin mint
wallpaper and a miniature string shelf. This is going to be such a fun project!

For more of my projects check out my instagram @the80sme


My Redhang Gang - Lovely hangers for kids

I've fallen completely head over heels in love with these lovely hand painted plywood hangers
by creator Abi. I love dressing them up and I'm sure my girls will too when they're older :)

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