My Redhang Gang - Lovely hangers for kids

I've fallen completely head over heels in love with these lovely hand painted plywood hangers
by creator Abi. I love dressing them up and I'm sure my girls will too when they're older :)

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Graphic monochrome eclectic kidsroom girlsroom nursery

Now both of my twingirls finally have their own room.
Despite the fact that they are almost identical their personalities are not.
I think this room is perfect for my little girl, very cool and graphic patterns with
bright fun colorful details. I painted the striped wall myself.

A cozy reading nook with colorful pillows from IKEA and H&M.

A black and white Brio stove, I made the tiles myself.

Gorgeous tincans by Danish Ferm Living. Love the harlequin pattern!

Yellow lamp from IKEA. I made the Jolly Good poster myself.

Colorful bunting

The girls love to play in here!

Poster by Lagom design, storage boxes by Ikea bråkig, bunny nightlight from amazon

Favorite dresses!

Just waiting for summer..

Have a wonderful day! ♥


Free printable graphic patterns chevron stripes black and white dollshouse wallpaper

Hello! As you all know I'm a big lover of all things DIY and hybrid.
I've designed some traditional and some more non traditional patterns
for you all to enjoy for personal use. Alter empty cans, use as dollshouse
wallpaper and floors, make your own birthday cards, wrapping paper,
print and frame for graphic art, the possibilities are endless!
Click on the images to download from 4shared.
These are all hq jpgs, pdfs will be available soon, well as soon as I 
figure out how to convert them that is!
Please enjoy!



Skriv gärna en rad och berätta vad du använt/använder dess till,
kanske vi kan inspireras av din kreativitet!


Free printable kids room poster happy cute bunny

Hello! Today I want to stop by and share this fun little poster with you.
Free to download and use as you see fit. Perfect for kidsrooms, greetingcards,
etc! For personal use ♥ Click here to download for free!

(Psst, this is a downsized version, click the link above for a 
highquality print! XoXo ♥ )


IKEA Hack and our graphic livingroom

I ran in to this IKEA elk at a fleemarket this summer. It was a bright red color
that didn't really match the rest of my house. I gave it a makeover with a lovely
pastel pink color. Now it's one of the kids and mine favorite! 


Happy New Year!

2014! A new year filled with lots of opportunities and new ideas.
This year I can't wait to keep working on the twins playroom!
Here are a few of my favorite details so far.



Lundby christmas dolls house makeover!

Merry Christmas!
I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday with loads of delicious food,
love and laughter with your loved ones! I tried to get in the Christmas spirit
earlier this December by giving the second hand Lundby dolls house a Christmas
makeover! This is the result :)

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